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Word of God reigns in menu of meditation


A Praise on Earth
Bruce And Lynne Patterson


Our family has a number of strategically placed disc holders around the house. Bruce and Lynne Patterson's A Praise on Earth quickly found a place in our “grab it often” rack. The songs in this production, accredited to Bruce and Lynne, are all examples of excellent composing, obviously penned in love, and a good understanding of each Scripture's significance. They represent a welcome break from what I feel is the usual exuberant Messianic fare and offer a menu of meditation and soothing orchestration.

One does not need to read the bios on the back cover to discover that Bruce Patterson is an excellent classical guitarist. His styles vary from almost-Celtic on “It is Good” to bordering-on-Flamenco in “Give unto the Lord,” my personal favorite. Although the influence of the Nashville sound is definitely present, it is not obtrusive. The addition of the Messianic / classical lines of David Davidson's violin gives some original sound combinations.

Lynne Patterson bears the brunt of the vocal solo work, and her professional experience shows. However, her husband gets his share of the spotlight and convincingly so. The close harmonies produced when they sing together are particularly delightful and are broadened periodically by the additional voices of Jon and Jane Sherburg.

The Word of God reigns supreme on this album. I especially appreciated the marriage of New and Old Testament texts in “We See Yeshua.” A Praise On  Earth would be one of my first choices of a CD to give to Jewish friends seeking the truth. The jacket includes the lyrics and an intriguing commentary on each song, giving an intelligent Bible study and a glimpse into the life of the composers.

My recommendation? Buy it, unwrap it, sit back and let Yeshua soak into your heart.



Review Of:
By: Bruce and Lynne Patterson

Throughout my walk as a believer and worship leader, I have come to know many wonderfully anointed musicians. The Lord has given each a special song. Bruce and Lynne Patterson's “A Praise On Earth”, brings forth great depth in G-d given talent. Whether wonderfully produced arrangements, propelled by Bruce's years of classical guitar training, or the tender moments provided by Lynne's beautiful angelic 12-string guitar, “A Praise On Earth” will surely become a favorite of many. Both Bruce's and Lynne's voices are pure and of a rich tonality, very gentle and edifying to the Lord. This CD is filled with beautiful offerings of worship that will fill your heart with the desire to bow before Yeshua.

The first song sampled is entitled, “A Good Inheritance”, based upon Psalm 16:5-7. Bruce and Lynne bring to life this beautiful portion of the scriptures, weaving the tender violin performed by virtuoso David Davidson, and the rolling, classically picked guitar, provided by Bruce. The tender voices blend so well as this wonderful portion of the Psalms is proclaimed.

What more can I say about the second song sample, “Holy” ? This is my favorite from this heartfelt CD. This song is simple, lovingly performed, and one that will bring you to the Holy of Holies, on your knees before the Lord.

“Give unto The Lord” , proclaims to us to give our all unto the Lord. Lynne's beautiful vocals exemplify the expertise that G-d has given to her as she serves Him. Her rich, warm vocal abilities are very evident in this wonderful musical adaptation of the Psalms.

In summation, the deep love of the Lord and the richness of musical talent that He has given Bruce and Lynne, shines brightly in “A Praise On Earth”. The Lord calls musicians to prepare skillfully unto Him, and it is evident that Bruce and Lynn have done just that. “A Praise On Earth”, touched my heart, and I know that you will feel the same. This CD is a must for your Messianic music collection.

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